Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Balance Sing The Bars Be Signed Once The Bridge Of Rags To Mined Now The Paper Cyst Tum From Sew^Duh Pop!!!!!


This Country speak in the State of California the adoption on Illegal Immigrants to the legal adoption of California to out dyed families without the permission from the origin of those Immigrants that illegally crossed the boarders to birth children as slaves?? The count on that is what 13-24 years on return to the orphan off sleeve to Vital Recording the legal illegal adoption of what would base.sick 'Human Traffic' on the new slaves width Worldwide on NOW.

The spoke of a Wheel Wright would than family-out to Teak back as Tiers on the Country of pickin's that gave harbor to sprite on raised in American Fashion of address.  These would than be the trapped.  That carriage as 'The Trap' would goat path?? The speech of being on.or.a.bowl??  Why is the States of The United States not per.Mission.kneeing back to the Country of course to even add.dressed to 'The Way' of country now on the Hems??

Diving off the Acapulco Cliffs is a Heritage of acrobats that runs in the genealogy as the circus of this brain to mined of matter on the dollar of Russia back in the day of their replicant Town to the U.S.A. espionage of Training to the boot itself??

Stick the key to be raised by court?? This is an avenue of few chores or Futures to Wall Streets to growth??  What a bust to chest of that simple mare ridge or is it the pier mathematics on the truth of clove to the Spice Trades: Compass, 'Salt of the Earth'!

Ship to Shore, Continent to the Middle East I tribe you to your under grow when of such duck staple to the paper trail of your dishonest Sheets.  True to core of the Caw ball la is as the lyrics blunt to the noted postcard as the Public School in England on the British soy^ole to byte of text in rye as the sweet potato Pi.

Figures and fudge, be.Cons and the hefty hover to grant money today and terror to tomorrows as the spoke to your faith on the enth degree is the lies that are soled to the Feat of habit is the fact that you wood to cricket legs to rub a dubbed double tongue on Hames that stride coin despair!!!!!

Fickle fracking?? No, this is this Country at the blindness of numb Nuts to a.corn a field at cost of after crass to delve this clock of Times on agriculture that Human Beings have be craned to egg full berth.  Spark that to the flight ore free.ease and that shove.Vol. tanks blunt.Lee to a spit in the bare.role of idiocy.  As James Blunt is the biggest shot bum to stupid product of in.knee that bare.roles these legal's to just a hand!!!!

For that is the process of Parade that shirts shale shifted dark Hour lack of balls has givin Nun's the new Priest to approve the Catholic on a bean of a hymn to sing the stock of bars at the land of fleecing.!  The Slums that thought to the dumped is brought to ask, Wares on the Branch.  A route to roof is sealed for the strip of honesty is truth to the steer in todays whirled of the come.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

What Defined E!^Bay In An Instant Mess^Edge. . . . . The News On August 9th, 2016!!!

With every Airport the Liner Fly,
pay^raise^is to the pants??,
do not lei Witness too The Watch,
click, click, cluck, cluck,
been down that duck path!!!

Thanks for the Goods,
bedded and a cover,
nice is a sheet,
that understands lyrics and seats!!!

Pi.Us to that peanut,
car^Tunes from that slick,
change is in the era,
now that truth goes to the board??

'Y' bother??,
oop's the kit^Ten out^duh the Sacked??,
try on a life of being in the braid.deed bunch.

So for all the Cabs,
mon,knee is just a faxed,
go on to the times,
multiply the coin with starvation of human reality,
than at that hug the bean,
make string,
apron with a caterer and remember that its jade.

Instructions for the sit.deed,
as that is whats a scan,
the hand.dull or real.eyes,
that avenue just pong.

Saturday, August 6, 2016


LOOK! its a ITs eh globe,
the stamp of Washington for the price,
an office and the tack,
what is that in the cool stand,
why that would be the issue of earth??

Now that the define goes 1978,
the Office of a Lawyer that My Mother said friend??,
know best friend,
owl an a branch is the actual reality of the world in language,
as what is global warming but the Officer getting Hot.Tour??,
well that is a rather good jolly,
lucky strikes makes gold in them their hills,
as the barn knows NOW that the bridle is a bit piece and the rest is,
this is just the fountain as the Officer is my Trainer from back-in-the-day!!!

thesecretoftheuniversechoice.blogspot.com500 × 750Search by image
Should The Park on Wares No the Seat of Bell than that System will sump to what is known as the following incomprehensible tact to this easy statement of. . . . . . .

Chap^Len Gave Rise To The Knights As The Dance Was Not In.Knee Talk It Gave Certain In.A.Lean.Bull Rocks, Do You Know Whats In Your Wall.It??

Dial owe Map,
the radio black-Out is that there are no broadwaves on-error??,
what is that Zenith to the LOGS and CHARTS ink.lean on the sat eh light??

How is the show on language and Prose,
is the Verse to that language gone Bill or Oh.rye.Lead,
it is the blow.when in the wind??
my TRANS -OCEANIC ALL TRANSISTOR knows Mr. Dopplerson by lane aye e!;
should Alan Colmes greet this Goods,
the process is that Susan Sarandon by lows,
it is that page 57 book.keen Jordan's fan.toss.Mi's Chronicle??

The English to the Scot's what Wild Creeks said,
the river in the speak of a stone to rock the salts.

Than the bird came to Sill,
the ease of turned-out,
cold the chills of goose and toys that leave the day to state,
well the Turkey on the Road of Wares just gave the teach a letter,
it was the evening of return to safety and its funny,
in that drive at park to scene with those flowers pruned,
picture what is up above and know that stars are lid.Tolls!!

How Men^Knee Is The For To Five Once A Teak Too Touch A Jade!!

Long day Now the Memory sleeve Wow,
what is it as the Win.Tours,
is it that look in the aye,
isn't it the best of show to say 'I know you' in the simplicity of long past,
as this the easier path to deliver this letter,
the response is ability to know the tone!!

Knock Knock 'Y' are You Home,
is it the matter on the hand,
that way you did the big stand,
the fact that Trainers are not Coach,
reality or love in the sleep??

A Fire in watts flame.Means taught to Remind,
choice is to know those past Times of

What is that lingo that measures the rule of Suhr,
is it determination of discern.meant to say,
what's up dock,
the Harbor of the Pier that made Onward Forward goes the Team,
the fact that you know what I say but cannot pen the tale on the dawn.key.


What Is On The End Of Shoe Lace Is That Knot Sea Of What Grace Cyst The Language Of The Mon.Knee Belt??

The specific Name is Robert Gerardo,
a real life Geronimo, 
no theory is needed for Johno,
as Jay.See is a Signature of whom is in Sacramento California!!

The Leary of The Rock??
the copy Mimic on a cot??,
bunks and that is in the Cock??,
Tales and Coy.In's are the Hour to that Minute.

Stretch to loo.pea,
the bean of a magic,
story to this is the fact,
Rebecca & Kathleen,
all the way Up the sought to be sure that Winks okay.

Lauren is not Michelle,
yet the name Mackenzie does ring a certain bell,
but in the end of hope and cent Michelle left all the Feat.dust,
she marked herself to stride the look,
and Ed was what in Gere that says to aim.mi that Dave is bare??

Sign.duh see.old and Delivery,
the sew.shill,
the leave of prison on that is the bic pen of the know in tag,
oh Alcatraz how do you fee.ole,
is lark.spur on the very brae,
is dawn.key shake and salt to night the swim.Means of a learn.knee.EAN piece,
to not warn the venture of that dressed,
just say to wess.sole that its in.duh.pen.dents day for kids that have sew men.knee Tiers!!

The Tattoo across the Shoulders,
Indian and Neigh the bold.dure,
the barn is my found and Officer sound that whistle to a thorough,
bread and bourne this is a shade to say to fill that its a prey,
the Jay.See said in absolute that Homers was a neigh.V.add.duh root.

Pools and Sticks,
locks and keys,
what is the base cyst of this read,
it is a show to who is tide,
the car I drive is cool,
a convertible its true,
and that will say to whom I great that every time the mill does rate its time to say geemie gate!!

Gruggles number big and buff.err.ring,
Tal-y-Tara Tack & Tweed,
the four one five - Two Two One - Nine Four Three Eight,
the answer will not bay.ate its really like speak the truth a compass from the for width chute,

Ran^Some & Rid^Dulls???

What a good show about the Catholics and The Inquisition,
sew span.ish that shh fits now,
that should the train not be the aye cue,
well on that sub.Marine,
the day of thunder to the Cruise!!

See that bow.awe,
Coach Kerr would have most certainly said to that Room Service,
the canal is not 'what if' rather lets play Monopoly at that go,
round to the basket.ball to dribble a way,
the owe.shin is grace and that is the real path of real people,
not the realm of The Pope in Rome,
for that is a guise to read this and not ask!!

My blogs eh big thanks to google plus all the associates at customers base!!!

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